August 10, 2003
51 Days

This is (was) my first legitimate full weekend (as in Friday thru Sunday) off so far. I wish I could say I did something ambitious with it, but I spent it doing the little things such as waking up at 8.30 or cleaning my closet, bringing my watch in for service, eating pizza, going to the bookstore. The small things that leaven what might otherwise be a very dry, flat affair.

The current rotation, Transplant, so far has been a good one. There's a level of camaraderie on the team that I see very little of on the other services. Cross-coverage can still be challenging, but that is the nature of the beast in a new era of 80-hour work weeks. I think/hope that hospitals realize that bemoaning the difficulties of continuity is unproductive, and developing systems that promote continuity in a hours-constrained environment is the only solution.

Being back in the home institution rather than the VA is a welcome change. You feels less isolated in the Mothership; where the VA didn't even provide a call room to decamp to.

I'm almost one sixth of my way through Internship. Not that I'm counting.

More small pleasures this weekend: I watched the beginning of "Airport 1975", mostly to savor the 70s soundtrack, fashions, decor, and the urgency inherent in that era's disaster films--the adorable little girl loaded on the plane for her kidney transplant, the nuns sitting in coach, Gloria Swanson sitting in First Class, the First Stewardess tired of her aimless relationship with the airline executive (Charlton Heston), the trio of drunk regular Joes (Mr. Roper, Ben Stiller's dad, and one other recognizable 70s character actor)...lovely.

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