August 08, 2005

A free weekend snatched from the scant few you get in surgery residency...Sharon and I decided to visit Eugenie in the City. Having packed the night previous, I fled the hospital Friday afternoon, and we were finally on our way that evening after the requisite midsummer's flight delays into New York. The fields of Idlewild embraced us with a blanket of warm heat and the rush of activity. Our cab pounded through BQE traffic and finally dropped us across the street at the Angelika theater. Alas, the picturesque carwash on Houston has been replaced by a huge, metallic Adidas store. Eugenie was working on a Photoshop rendering of a Home Depot for Westchester, and as soon as she found an appropriate stopping place we waded through the evening heat to the East Village and a Yakitori bar around St Marks.


The place was grooving to "No, it isn't straight Techno, it's Breakbeat" and plying its trade to edgy urban subculture youths with plenty of leisure time. I think about "leisure time" a lot now. As I walk down the street I think to myself, "well that fellow can stay out as late as he wants tonight, because he doesn't have to get up at 5 AM to round the service," or "she can wander the streets in her au courant bedroom slippers because there's no chance that her pager will go off and she'll have to dash to the hospital." Anyway, we ordered a Yakitori sampler with grilled chicken meat balls, scallions, beef...late at night, meat on a stick will always be a staple...with cold Sapporos too, of course. Sharon liked the chicken the best. The skewers not being enough, we ordered grilled Nigiri, Japanese rice balls filled with tuna. The next day, we took out pastries from Balthazar, and examined Eugenie and Ron's new office on Chrystie.

20050723.131507.jpg 20050723.134458.jpg

From there, on to the newly remodeled MoMA where we took in the permanent photo collection and a new exhibit of Friedlander's photography. We took a short respite from the city's hustle and bustle in the sculpture garden and then caught a subway back downtown. Walking from the 20's into the West Village, we looked for Balducci's, which, sadly, has disappeared.

That evening, it was Lupa, Mario Batali's more affordable eatery on Thompson. Justin joined us after a day at PS1. The wait was 2 hours and worth it. Sharon had ___________, I had the gnocchi, each a perfect pillowy sauce transport object, Nini had a wheatberry risotto, and Justin _______.

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