May 17, 2003
modern women...

Front page of A bride in India, in the middle of her wedding feast, put her foot down and had the groom arrested when his family tried to extort an additional $25000 for her dowry just as the Hindu priest was warming up for the ceremony.

It's not as if the in-laws had already lined up not one, but two Sony TVs and home entertainment centers ("she specified a Sony...not a Philips"), two refrigerators, two air conditioners and a car.

Supposedly in the commotion that ensued after the in-laws' demand, the bride whipped out her cell phone and called the police (dowries, though practiced in everything but name, are technically illegal).

Strong work. With her newly acquired fame as "Miss Anti-Dowry", she's had 25 new engagement offers.

Posted by erich at May 17, 2003 09:13 AM
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