May 16, 2003

I just got my US Medical Licensing Exam Step 2 score...a Pass. I confess to a few disquieting dreams over the last month involving other interns co-signing my orders. Being in lab for several years + 9 days of desultory studying did not add up to much certainty when I walked out of the testing facility.

The report also shows the range of your performance in different subject areas. No surprise, the bands exhibiting less than scintillating performance were Psychiatry and OB/GYN. I suppose as someone who touched on Freud in his senior thesis, I should have done better in Psych, but the modern practice of psych is more about properly sticking the patient in the right diagnostic category, e.g. patient A must have symptom X for six months, plus 2 out of 3 symptoms in category Y, unless she has symptom Z, which allows us to reduce the six months for symptom X to 3.5 months depending on whether the phase of the Moon agrees with the traverse of Venus.

The nuances that differentiate "Schizoid" from "Antisocial" personalities just don't hold my interest.

As for OB/GYN, my performance is mildly surprising because I actually did the best on those questions on practice tests.

On the other hand, I have no idea what a gynecoid pelvis is.

In the end I'm glad that there are others who know and love this field.

What discipline did I do best in? Surgery. I also seem to have the strongest affinity for Immunologic Disorders as well as Diseases of Blood & Blood Forming Organs.

Interesting that going into the test I held that Step 2 represents the last time that OB/GYN and Psych can get their claws in the tens of thousands of medical students like me who will never again have to deal with OB/GYN and Psych other than calling a consult. It was exactly those two disciplines that got me--even left a scratch or two.

But I'm free now.

I should cackle diabolically, but it's hard to do in text.

Posted by erich at May 16, 2003 04:00 PM
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