May 14, 2003
learning the ropes

One interesting component of the work I'm doing is that it exposes me to the process of thinking about how academia and the commercial arena interact. If anything we're doing is going to impact people, it has to be "out there". And to be "out there" means engaging the hurly-burly of commerce.

During the boom, still being in school, I felt sidelined (and even thought about blowing it all off and exploring working in VC). Sitting on the margin was a blessing in disguise. All of the era's hubris, overstating/overreaching, are lessons learned from afar.

So now we're working slowly and methodically to build what we have into something that's good for patients, that we can be proud of, and that we can put before the public in a manner that treats all partners/collaborators equitably. I'm sure we'll make mistakes and stumble along the way, but as a lifelong student, I'm willing to treat all experience as learning experience.

Academics tend to look askance at business, but the gears and levers for getting things done and truly impacting society are--for better or for worse--commercial.

Posted by erich at May 14, 2003 10:18 AM
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