May 06, 2003

Whenever I ran into an attending or anyone medical-related, they'd ask me "so what are you doing before residency starts?" Lacking a strong response to that question, I began thinking about what I might do. Should I brush the dust off Tyler2, my trusty sea kayak? (American history geeks will understand the reference). Perhaps take it, filled with a week's worth of food, to the Outer Banks and explore salt marshes and haunt Portsmouth Island? Maybe if I wanted a more low key break, rent a house in Corolla, or perhaps Bald Head Island, and just read and write. Then there is the Offshore Sailing School class in Tortola, BVI. Bora-Bora even flitted briefly across my mind.

In the end I decided to do what 80% of honeymooners decide to do: go to Hawaii. Since I'm newly-wed to the life of a surgical intern, why not? So I've appropriately drained my parents' Frequent Flyer fund (United Airlines' Premier Executive Elite Gold Member Special Private-Line-Only reservationist was rather surly in spite the rigmarole of a special treatment and a special 1-800 number), pre-paid the hotel and car rentals, and am on my way to Kauai and Maui. I plan to be surrounded by nubile hula dancers necklacing me with fragrant orchid leis and plying me with umbrella drinks and Kona coffee (I'll probably arrange a day trip to the Big Island).

Don't let me down Hawaii.

Posted by erich at May 06, 2003 08:28 AM
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