May 05, 2003

I tripped across William Gibson's blog and found an interesting comment here. I haven't wrapped myself in the blog universe, but agree with Neuromancer's author that the relaxed, colloquial nature of blog writing doesn't meet the stringency of what we traditionally call good writing. People tend to be conversational and self-conciously irreverent. But then when I want eloquence I don't go fishing for it on the internet. I wonder if Shakespeare would have kept a weblog.

For instance, I see the F-bomb dropped a lot. I've nothing against the F-bomb, and often find some amusement in its employment. I think I'm still subliminally shocked by its appearance in print and get that thrill of taboo blaring out from my laptop screen, but it's a cheap thrill.


Posted by erich at May 05, 2003 02:11 PM
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