May 05, 2003

Since Saturday I've been spasmodically fiddling around with utrinque paratus. Evidently, this site has been neglected for a long time, but here I was with time on my hands, the realization that I was 0.63 versions behind with Movable Type, an obsessive desire to figure out a way to post on utrinque paratus what I'm listening to on iTunes currently. Amazing how a day can skulk silently away while you're hacking on the computer. I can see his bald head rounding the corner.

It's fun. Bizarre how I can take a photo, manipulate it, create a new banner and have it posted on a server based...where?--I don't even know where my host is based--and have it lighting pixels on the internet in 10 minutes.

What a different world internet publishing has wrought.

Posted by erich at May 05, 2003 01:20 PM
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