March 13, 2002

To kick off the transition I'll be making from the grad school back to the med school, I met with my advisory dean. Even though I won't be officially back in the med school until probably August, it already feels good to be back. I want to start doing things, and really start the career I've been training for for a gazillion years. Ultimately medical science is about application. Curiousity is exceedingly important, but it doesn't help anyone until it's applied in a way that makes sick people better. And I look forward to being in the more goal-oriented environs of medicine. Scientists really are nerdy. I don't think this is bad, but before applying to med school I joked about how I wanted to sink my hands in the guts of life, well yes, that's exactly what I want to do, the lab is a little to removed for me now.

Posted by erich at March 13, 2002 05:49 PM
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